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4 Ways to Stop Being Late

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In the Real Estate business being late should be part of your resume. I mean, last minute things always come up. Here are some ways that can help you to not be late as often:

1. Keep things where you can find them. We all know how important items such as your cell phone, car keys, certain files, or business cards are. If you keep them in the same spot every time you’ll always know exactly where they are when you have to go.

2. Always prepare the night before. If you have an early appointment the next day don’t put it off till the morning of. Chances are you’re going to hit your snooze button a few times that morning and putting your stuff together is going to be the last thing you want to do. Especially when your half sleeping.

3. Know the difference between “load time” and “leave time.” Sometimes you make yourself late, but sometimes life unexpectedly hits you. Example: you get a phone call from a client, or an agent wants to chat about a deal. It’s hard to interrupt or say no. That’s why “load time”—getting ready to leave—can be drastically different that the actual “leave time.”

4. Always keep a planner. Sometimes we run late because we lose track and start “last minute panicking”. If you have a planner or calendar you can easily keep track of all your real estate business plus personal life

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