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New York City Life In New Jersey? Find Out The Best Areas To Live In

Living in New York is a dream when money isn’t a factor. When money is a factor its more like a nightmare. Right?! Small shoe box of an apartment for what it seems like is a million dollars a month. Its almost nauseating when you see other states and what they offer home wise in comparison. But I guess your paying for the lifestyle not the home. What if I said you could live your New York dream life for a lower amount of money? You can. It’s called moving to New Jersey. Some towns in New Jersey are a bit of a commute. But these five areas will get you where you need to be in about thirty minutes.


Weehawken NJ- The average home price in Weehawken is $511,000 with waterfront views of the City and only a 15-30 minute tops commute. There are a ton of stores, restaurants and bars around with public transportation.

Jersey City NJ- This is where you can see the NYC skyline as well as Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty! There are a ton of restaurants as well with a home median of $391,800. Transportation is about 20-40 minutes!

East Rutherford NJ- This is considered Bergen County with a median price home of $392,200. East Rutherford is located right by MetLife Stadium and is around 30-40 minutes away from New York City. 

Teaneck NJ- This is also located in Bergen County with a $382,000 median home value. Teaneck offers a ton of restaurants with food from Greek to Thai! It is about 35 – 45 minutes by car or ~40 – 50 minutes by NJ Transit bus to New York. 

Hackensack NJ- home to the New Jersey Naval Museum, the Foschini Park baseball fields, and the Hackensack River County Park. This lovely area has a $308,100 median home value with a 30-50 minute ride to New York City. 



Harmful Cleaning Chemicals During Spring Cleaning And How To Protect Yourself.

Once Spring hits, most people tear apart their homes getting everything tidy and in order. All the Winter dirt is washed away and the Spring light comes shining through. You whip out all the sprays, the light candles, the paint and you get rid of that Apple Cinnamon scent from Christmas.

But, did you know that many of these cleaning products have harmful chemicals in them? These toxic ingredients should raise a major red flag for you. Risks could be associated with both long-term and short-term use.


Some of the harmful chemicals found in commercial household cleaning products include:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Chloroform
  • Ammonia
  • Chlorine
  • Diethanolamine – DEA
  • Triethanolamine – TEA

These products could cause but are not limited too: dizziness, headaches, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, tremors, loss of coordination and reproductive system irregularities.

Sounds a little scary right? What do you do? Its simple. Just try natural alternatives. You can find either all natural products that don’t contain these chemicals or you can use household baking items. Vinegar is one you can use for cleaning grease. Baking soda is good for cleaning grills, mold, unclogging drains and more. You should also consider getting rid of your pre-scented fresheners and choose to use natural scents such as flowers, lemons and citrus fruits.



2018 Homes are selling QUICK

It is a sellers market, theres no doubt about it! 

Lack of for-sale signs in front yards are driving residential home prices higher according to MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association). Inventory is at historically low levels and demand for housing skyrocketing in most markets. 

In the last five years, homes have risen about 40%. We’re also starting to see pocket listings. That is where agents tell their friends or officemates about a listing so it can be sold without ever hitting the general market.  And with this more home sellers seem to be trying to sell on their own.


2018 is the best time for sellers to sell because buyers are getting restless with the low inventory and know that they need to act quick. Bidding wars are happening…. so realistically you might get full price if not above asking for your home.


Synagogue APPROVED in Jackson, NJ!

On Monday the Jackson Planning Board approved the construction of a 21,000 square foot Synagogue. Where will it be located? Right on East Veterans Highway. The synagogue is meant for future and current members of The Royal Grove development. Royal Grove in Jackson, New Jersey is setting a new standard in the real estate market, Royal Grove offers oversized lots for New Construction homes.




According to the Orthodox Jewish residents already residing in Jackson, the Synagogue wasn’t built just to service them. But it is being built to service those running prayer services out of a Grand Blvd residence. There are approximately 500 Orthodox Jewish families in Jackson Township and with the Synagogue being built within the next two years residents can expect this number to grow!

 Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 2.44.56 PM



How Important Is Exterior Lighting?

Exterior Lighting is extremely important for your home. Whether you add in functional lighting or landscape lighting, you will quickly notice the benefits in this purchase.


The first benefit, that seems to be the most beneficial is safety. Adding exterior lights to your home, adds a massive amount of safety features. Safety features to see lurkers on your property and gives the added advantage of seeing in the dark. This can prevent you falling, etc.

The next benefit is decor. The right choice in lighting can actually become part of the landscaping. It will help to showcase aspects of your landscaping design or garden while also offering the right amount of aesthetics.

The next benefit, which is a big one, is property value. The lights are considered a value. So adding value will of course benefit you in anyway, bringing up the cost of your home.



There are so many benefits to exterior lighting, most of which are positive benefits that can increase the value of your home plus the appearance. Big or small house , it will make your home look more put together.


Soaring Prices in 2018!!

Home prices are said to soar this New Year! According to reports, sales prices already jumped up 7 percent in November. The low supply and high demand could be the fueling cause of these price jumps.


“Rising home prices are good news for home sellers, but add to the challenges that home buyers face,” said Frank Nothaft. In the nation’s top 50 markets, half of the housing stock is now considered overvalued. Without significant jumps in home construction, prices will most likely remain high and possibly move higher.


Olick, Diana. “Home prices are set to soar in 2018.” CNBC, CNBC, 2 Jan. 2018,


Looking To Sell Your Home During The Holiday’s? Here’s Some Tips!

Most people are a little afraid to sell during November thru January. Most people think you won’t sell but there are actually some great advantages. Some of those advantages are:  holiday buyers tend to be more serious and competition is less fierce with
fewer homes being actively marketed. 

merry christmas signs for sale ; christmas-sale-1

Some tips to sell your home during the season include:

1. Price it to sell- Get a reliable agent to price your house low and well. If your looking to get rid of the house, price it right and it will sell quickly!

2. Take professional quality photos- If your photo’s look great that will benefit you and possibly save time with showings. If you have low quality phone pictures it is harder for buyers to picture it as their own home.

3. Create a video tour for the Web- Shooting a video tour and posting it on the Web may attract house hunters who don’t have time to physically see your home or would rather not drive in a snowstorm. 

4. Seek out motivated buyersAnyone house hunting during the holidays must have a good reason for doing so. Work with your agent to target buyers on a deadline.

5. Decorate the houseHomes often look their best during the holidays, but try and keep the decorations more neutral not to offend any potential buyers!


Mandatory Garages

Two-car garages are the most popular option in new homes nationwide, according to surveyors. 63 % of new homes in 2016 had two-car garages.  


Some regions of the U.S. show more preference for more garage space than others. For ex: the West North Central division—which includes states like Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska—saw garages large enough for three or more cars in 50 percent of all new homes in the area in 2016.

Having two-car garages come with more benefits than storing cars. You can store cars, you can store maybe one car and storage on the other side or you can just put storage. A lot of people need and want as much extra room as they can get!


Keller Williams- Happiest Company To Work For

Keller Williams was ranked the NUMBER ONE happiest company to work for in 2018. The Texas company has 139,000 agents across nearly 800 metro areas and claims to be the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. A Keller Williams Realty employee wrote on, “One of the greatest benefits is how our company promotes from within. All employees are encouraged and supported to be in control of their growth and career paths.”

When you work for Keller Williams, you get:

> An experienced real estate agent with an expertise in the selling process from listing to close

> Marketing savvy and tools to get your home top-tier exposure> An allied partner looking out for you and your home throughout the selling process

> Expertise in listing, pricing, staging and selling your home to the right buyer quickly

Your needs always come first. At Keller Williams, they provide the service we agree to, in the ways that work for you, whether once a week, once a day, by phone, email or text message. That’s how we’ll do it. You’ll always be kept in the loop.




Holiday Season Marketing

Its no secret that marketing plays a big role in your Real Estate business. The holiday season is where you get to be a little more fun with your marketing. This is where you think out of the box.

With less than 100 days left in the year you should be thinking of ways to start the New Year off STRONG. The way you start is the way you finish. You should be planning now for your Jan/Feb deals.


Some ideas you can do to make yourself stand out during the holiday season is to do everything and anything corny and cheesy.

  • Marketing snow man cookies with your info on them
  • Shovels
  • Snow wipers for your car
  • Small stockings with all your real estate info inside
  • Calendars for the new year
  • Winter coupons (for your business)
  • Happy Holiday thank you cards to your referral agents

Doing these small, inexpensive ideas will make you stand out to your clients and referral agents. Especially when they are deciding between you and another agent.