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What to Expect In 2019!

What is 2019 bringing us? Now that 2018 is over that seems to be the big question. Here’s what to expect: though rates remain lower than what they were during the recession, they are still going to be fairly high in 2019. Home buyers should expect 30 year fixed rate mortgages at around 5.8%. Despite […]

New York City Life In New Jersey? Find Out The Best Areas To Live In

Living in New York is a dream when money isn’t a factor. When money is a factor its more like a nightmare. Right?! Small shoe box of an apartment for what it seems like is a million dollars a month. Its almost nauseating when you see other states and what they offer home wise in […]

Harmful Cleaning Chemicals During Spring Cleaning And How To Protect Yourself.

Once Spring hits, most people tear apart their homes getting everything tidy and in order. All the Winter dirt is washed away and the Spring light comes shining through. You whip out all the sprays, the light candles, the paint and you get rid of that Apple Cinnamon scent from Christmas. But, did you know […]

2018 Homes are selling QUICK

It is a sellers market, theres no doubt about it!  Lack of for-sale signs in front yards are driving residential home prices higher according to MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association). Inventory is at historically low levels and demand for housing skyrocketing in most markets.  In the last five years, homes have risen about 40%. We’re also starting to […]

Synagogue APPROVED in Jackson, NJ!

On Monday the Jackson Planning Board approved the construction of a 21,000 square foot Synagogue. Where will it be located? Right on East Veterans Highway. The synagogue is meant for future and current members of The Royal Grove development. Royal Grove in Jackson, New Jersey is setting a new standard in the real estate market, Royal […]

How Important Is Exterior Lighting?

Exterior Lighting is extremely important for your home. Whether you add in functional lighting or landscape lighting, you will quickly notice the benefits in this purchase. The first benefit, that seems to be the most beneficial is safety. Adding exterior lights to your home, adds a massive amount of safety features. Safety features to see […]

Soaring Prices in 2018!!

Home prices are said to soar this New Year! According to reports, sales prices already jumped up 7 percent in November. The low supply and high demand could be the fueling cause of these price jumps. “Rising home prices are good news for home sellers, but add to the challenges that home buyers face,” said […]

Looking To Sell Your Home During The Holiday’s? Here’s Some Tips!

Most people are a little afraid to sell during November thru January. Most people think you won’t sell but there are actually some great advantages. Some of those advantages are:  holiday buyers tend to be more serious and competition is less fierce with fewer homes being actively marketed.  Some tips to sell your home during the season include: […]

Mandatory Garages

Two-car garages are the most popular option in new homes nationwide, according to surveyors. 63 % of new homes in 2016 had two-car garages.   Some regions of the U.S. show more preference for more garage space than others. For ex: the West North Central division—which includes states like Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska—saw garages […]

Keller Williams- Happiest Company To Work For

Keller Williams was ranked the NUMBER ONE happiest company to work for in 2018. The Texas company has 139,000 agents across nearly 800 metro areas and claims to be the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count. A Keller Williams Realty employee wrote on, “One of the greatest benefits is how our company promotes […]