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REALTORS® Promise to Send Help to Texas

With the awful destruction of Hurricane Harvey, Texas is a sad place right now. People are left with no homes. Family members are dead. Animals left to fend for themselves. Its like a scene from a war movie. With the destruction the National Association of REALTORS® is calling on members nationwide to donate funds to the REALTORS® […]

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Small Home, Big Yard

Properties that offer a great outdoor space are taking a higher priority among home buyers. In fact, home shoppers recently surveyed and said they would be willing to sacrifice some space from a larger house in order to get a bigger yard. (DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS) More people want an outdoor space for children to play […]


Simple Home Repairs to Attract Buyers

    If your sellers are looking for easy/quick ways to increase a home’s value and get buyers’ attention before their home hits the market, here are a few quick fixes. 1. Refresh with color.  When it comes to selecting a palette that looks fresh and has broad appeal, it’s best to go with whites and neutrals. […]


Young Luxury Buyers Want BoHo Inspired Homes

We are living in a world where people think the grass is greener on the other side, literally. More developers are finding that young luxury buyers want modernized boho inspired homes. For example, a luxury rental complex on Staten Island in New York, called Urby Staten Island, features a communal kitchen, a 5,000-square-foot urban farm, […]

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Being Aware of Flooding Can Save You a TON of Money.

Flooding caused by heavy rain and storms are common in New Jersey. Being aware can help you prevent flooding, and save you a ton of money in the long run.   Everyone is at risk for flooding. Even if you are in low- to moderate-risk (PRP) areas your home can be affected. Many affected homes were […]


Why you should invest in real estate!

Many individuals are successful in their primary business ventures. Sometimes though they ofter wonder what ways they can invest their hard earned money. As a New Jersey realtor and team leader of The Platinum Group at Keller Williams Monmouth/Ocean office located in Jackson, NJ I have come to learn the the best way to invest […]


4 Ways to Stop Being Late

In the Real Estate business being late should be part of your resume. I mean, last minute things always come up. Here are some ways that can help you to not be late as often: 1. Keep things where you can find them. We all know how important items such as your cell phone, car keys, […]


Updates That Will Add Value to Your Home

Indoor Systems – Unfortunately these are the things you don’t see in your home, but buyers want assurance these things are in perfect working order and won’t need to be fixed in the near future. Your major indoor systems include your plumbing and sewer systems, electrical wiring, heating and cooling units and vents. It is […]


Signs That it May be Time to Move

Has the thought of moving crossed your mind? Moving is no easy feat, but sometimes it’s necessary. So I put together a list of reasons that it may be time to move: 1. You have Out Grown Your Home Is your family growing? Are you sick of waiting in line to use the bathroom every […]

Credit Score

Get Better Buying Power With Your Credit Score

The best way to have great buying power when searching for a new home, is to have a great credit score. The better your credit score, the better your chances of getting a lower interest rate. You should watch your credit score regularly, so that you can fix any errors that occur as quickly as […]