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How do you know when its time to drop the price?

High demand and low supply have made it a seller’s market pretty much all over the country, and especially for lower-priced homes. This does not mean your home will sell quickly. The price of your home still plays a big part. Prices are up about 7 % from a year ago, which in my opinion is good. Still, a house can be overpriced, and home buyers today know very well a good deal from a bad one. 



A home sitting on the market for too long looks bad.  Your better off dropping the price and getting it sold. If you and/or your agent are considering a price cut, first research your neighborhood, right down to the ZIP code, to see how long it takes most homes to sell. Then look at homes that sold after a price cut. Once a price is reduced, all listing websites will be able to see that, and some will send an alert to buyers. 

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