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New York City Life In New Jersey? Find Out The Best Areas To Live In

Living in New York is a dream when money isn’t a factor. When money is a factor its more like a nightmare. Right?! Small shoe box of an apartment for what it seems like is a million dollars a month. Its almost nauseating when you see other states and what they offer home wise in comparison. But I guess your paying for the lifestyle not the home. What if I said you could live your New York dream life for a lower amount of money? You can. It’s called moving to New Jersey. Some towns in New Jersey are a bit of a commute. But these five areas will get you where you need to be in about thirty minutes.


Weehawken NJ- The average home price in Weehawken is $511,000 with waterfront views of the City and only a 15-30 minute tops commute. There are a ton of stores, restaurants and bars around with public transportation.

Jersey City NJ- This is where you can see the NYC skyline as well as Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty! There are a ton of restaurants as well with a home median of $391,800. Transportation is about 20-40 minutes!

East Rutherford NJ- This is considered Bergen County with a median price home of $392,200. East Rutherford is located right by MetLife Stadium and is around 30-40 minutes away from New York City. 

Teaneck NJ- This is also located in Bergen County with a $382,000 median home value. Teaneck offers a ton of restaurants with food from Greek to Thai! It is about 35 – 45 minutes by car or ~40 – 50 minutes by NJ Transit bus to New York. 

Hackensack NJ- home to the New Jersey Naval Museum, the Foschini Park baseball fields, and the Hackensack River County Park. This lovely area has a $308,100 median home value with a 30-50 minute ride to New York City.