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Porches Are Returning For New Homes

New homes are now coming with front porches more and more. Sixty-five percent of new single-family homes being built in 2016+ are having porches included. It’s only the second time since tracking began that new single-family homes with porches have moved back above 65 percent. For comparison, in 2005, 54 percent of new homes had porches.

Different regions of the U.S. are showing higher preference for porches. The E/S/C (East-South-Central) region of the of the U.S. had a really high share of new homes started in 2016 with porches at 86%.

The data reports do not indicate much information about the look of the porches. But, other reports conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs, show that open front porches on new homes are more common than side porches.