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Signs That it May be Time to Move

Has the thought of moving crossed your mind? Moving is no easy feat, but sometimes it’s necessary. So I put together a list of reasons that it may be time to move:

1. You have Out Grown Your Home

Is your family growing? Are you sick of waiting in line to use the bathroom every morning? One of the biggest reasons to buy a new home is to accommodate a growing family. The older your kids get, the more space they need for themselves as well.

2. Empty Nest

Have your kids all moved out? Do you walk into rooms and can’t even remember the last time you cleaned in there? Maybe your house is just too big for you now. Downsizing to a smaller home is a reason to sell.

3. Winter Thaw

Are you just tired of the cold winters and snow in New Jersey? Have you been looking online for houses in warmer climates? Maybe it is time to sell your house and move somewhere warmer. You just have to decide for yourself if you have hit your “freezing point.”

4. A Significant Other

If you are about to get married or move in with your significant other, it is probably time to move out of your cute little condo and into a real home. Your condo or home is probably perfect for you, but your closet is already filled. Where are they going to put their clothes? Moving in with a significant other is a great reason to move out of your place and get a new home.

5. The Upgrade

This is probably the most fun reason to get a new home. Things have been going great for you at work, you got a nice promotion or landed some more clients. You have been looking at upgraded kitchens online and watching HGTV drooling over these dream homes. Maybe it is time to move out and get your own dream home!

6. Retirement

Are you ready to retire? Can you afford the house you are in at retirement? Do you want to retire somewhere warmer? Retiring and down grading or retiring and moving somewhere with better weather, may be just what you need.

7. Tight finances

If you are stressing over utility bills, repairs or mortgages, it may be time to sell your house and get something more affordable. Stressing over bills is not a fun way to live. You may be a lot happier if you move somewhere else more affordable to you.

8. Seeking a Shorter Commute

Do you spend more time in the car than at your house? Is the long commute to work making you less and less motivated? If you have a long-term secure job, maybe it is time for you to move closer to work. You will notice you have a lot more free time and probably be much happier in the long run.

9. Time to Cash Out

After years of paying your mortgage and keeping up your home’s condition, you probably have built up equity. Ready to move some of that money into your cash and investment accounts? Selling and moving into a less expensive home can allow you to put that extra equity to work in other ways.