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Simple Home Repairs to Attract Buyers




If your sellers are looking for easy/quick ways to increase a home’s value and get buyers’ attention before their home hits the market, here are a few quick fixes.

1. Refresh with color.  When it comes to selecting a palette that looks fresh and has broad appeal, it’s best to go with whites and neutrals. Plus, if your seller is working with a small bathroom or kitchen,  pale colors will make the space look larger. Sellers could also add a border of metallic tile as an accent to the room to give it a more modernized appearance.

2. Update the floors and walls. These areas receive serious wear and tear,  so a smart move is to upgrade to a durable porcelain tile. Current design trends are replicating classic terrazzo and even wood textures. Porcelain tiles are great alternatives to traditional flooring materials.

3. Choose larger tiles. Oversized tiles not only are cost -effective (bigger tiles cover a larger area) but also help make a small room seem larger. Also, keep the tiles looking simple and clean. Avoid tiles that have “too much going on” that way it looks modern and not messy.