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Small Home, Big Yard

Properties that offer a great outdoor space are taking a higher priority among home buyers. In fact, home shoppers recently surveyed and said they would be willing to sacrifice some space from a larger house in order to get a bigger yard. (DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS)


More people want an outdoor space for children to play and to hold family gatherings.  Also, according to surveys Women wanted outdoor space more than men (62 percent of women surveyed saying they prefer less home square footage for a larger yard, compared to 51 percent of men).

Not only do people prefer a larger yard but they basically want an outdoor living space. People are willing to pay extra to have a modernized outdoor area with a living room theme. For example: glass walls that open to the yard, tiles that match the home and extend it for a seamless flow from inside to outside. Outdoor kitchen islands and cabinets are on top of the list as well.

Maybe one day indoor homes won’t be a thing and we will live outdoors in our yards.