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Young Luxury Buyers Want BoHo Inspired Homes

We are living in a world where people think the grass is greener on the other side, literally.

More developers are finding that young luxury buyers want modernized boho inspired homes.


For example, a luxury rental complex on Staten Island in New York, called Urby Staten Island, features a communal kitchen, a 5,000-square-foot urban farm, a 20-hive apiary (tended by farmers and beekeepers), and kombucha workshops. (DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS)

 Developers in other complexes are adding yoga and meditation studios, bike shares, infrared saunas, and even adult treehouses. Home gardens are also becoming a must for these luxury boho homes. Gardens on roofs are also becoming a plus for these young buyers, whereas roof gardens would not be a plus for the older generation buyers.

Christine Blackburn, an associate broker at Compass real estate, told The New York Times the rooftop garden was the most important amenity to a buyer of a condo she recently sold. (DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS)

These young buyers are all about living an organic life. Gardening for some consumers is the new version of meditation.